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Sperm Donation Surrogacy is very common these days and is very effective in letting a couple have their own child through other woman’s womb. There are many women who are willing to carry and deliver child of another couple. At BLK Super Speciality Hospital, we have facility for both Gestational and Traditional surrogacy. In a gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother bears the embryo of another couple and have no genetic connection with the child whereas in a traditional surrogacy is achieved when a surrogate mother uses her eggs to get pregnant.

BLK Super Specialty Hospital offers a surrogacy program for many couples. There could be various reasons for a couple to opt for a surrogate pregnancy. These include:

  • Intended parent is a single man or woman
  • A same-sex couple who wish to become parents
  • Female infertility
  • Medical factors making pregnancy risky or impossible





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