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Stroke Therapy

Stroke Therapy After a patient suffers from a stroke, he/she may lose full or partial body functions. In that case, a patient has to undergo proper therapy in order to retain the essential body functions like walking, sitting, eating, taking bath etc. The Stroke Therapy Unit at BLK Super Speciality is a dedicated unit, offering devoted rehabilitation therapy to stroke patients.

What is a stroke?

A stroke is also known as a Brain attack. There is no particular reason for it to occur. It happens when the blood supply to the brain is blocked due to blood clots or any other reason.

How does a stroke affect the brain?

Brain stroke is a medical emergency in which a patient may suffer partial/full paralysis or loss of mobility in any organ of the body if not treated in time. In some severe cases, a person may lose his/her life. The stroke blocks oxygen and nutrients to reach brain resulting in brain cells to die. There are two kinds of brain stroke:

  • Hemorrhagic Stroke: A Hemorrhagic stroke occurs when blood leaks into the brain due to some medical condition or injury.
  • Ischemic Stroke: An Ischemic Stroke occurs in case of blocked arteries.

How to avoid a brain stroke or brain attack?

There is no particular medicine or vaccination to avoid brain stroke but a healthy lifestyle is what one can follow. The major reason for a brain stroke to occur is blood clotting which can be avoided by leading a healthy lifestyle.

What is the treatment for Brain Stroke?

After a stroke, a patient is prescribed medication to control the blood pressure. Blood-thinning medicines are also prescribed in order to avoid any further clotting.

What effect will a Brain Stroke have on my health?

A brain stroke is a life-threatening condition. In a severe stroke, a patient might suffer from facial palsy, partial paralysis, full paralysis, slurred speech or malfunction in routine functions of the body.

How will I retain the normal function of the body after Brain Stroke?

At BLK, we have our specialists who not only guide you but also help you emotionally to overcome the consequences of a stroke. At the Stroke Therapy Unit we give you assistance in following areas:

  • Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy will help you in retaining the muscular function of the body in case of paralysis.
  • Occupational therapy: After a stroke, a person might not be able to normal daily functions like dressing, reading, writing or bathing, in such cases, we have our occupational therapist who will guide you in returning back to your normal routine.






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