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Speech Therapy

Having difficulty in speech can affect a child’s self-esteem greatly. She/he can develop confidence issues and stop speaking in front of unkown people. At BLK, we do our best to bring the child out from the hard fight and manage to develop their vocal chords so they could perform better.

Basically, a child hears everything correctly but when he tries to make the similar sounds they are re-strained from the improper functioning of the vocal chords. Our aim is to treat the problem of verbal communication both expressively and receptively. This needs focus on many other aspects too; like oral motor problems, articulation, auditory processing disorders and social skills.

There are many speech disorders that a child can suffer from. Some speech problems are temporary like during common cold. But some glitches can take hard work from both child’s and parents’ part. These are:

  • Voice Disorders: In this case the child have problem determining his/her pitch. They may speak too loudly and too lowly and have a coarse voice. This disorder is not too straining as it can be treated by regular counseling and hearing test to make sure there isn’t any hearing disorder.
  • Fluency Disorder: It is the most common disorder in children. Sometimes it goes away as the child grows but the others it is there to stay. Stuttering is a problem where a child takes pauses while completing a word like, ‘m-m-mom’.
  • Cognitive-communication disorder: This disorder may be similar to ADHD syndrome. A child faces problem while memorizing and solving logical problems or paying attention.
  • Receptive Disorder: In this disorder the child faces difficulty the common language you are using since their birth.
  • Expressive Disorders: When a child is unable to use vocabulary or any common word the disorder is termed under Expressive disorder as he/she is unable to use common communication.

The Department of Neonatal, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine offers comprehensive care at a fully-equipped well-baby clinic. The clinic mainly deals with the well-being of children and their families. An array of diagnostic and preventative services is provided at the clinic. Infants and toddlers may also be routinely checked for growth and developmental delays. Through this we ensure a healthy and wealthy life for your baby and make sure that they are free from any problems.





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