How I Successfully Got My Heart Surgery Done in India

Heart is the most important organ of the human body that plays a very important role in the circulation of blood loaded with oxygen and various other nutrients, throughout the body. The heart beats 24 hours a day without any rest and the normal functioning of the heart is very important for the sustenance of life. However due to unhealthy lifestyle habits and increasing environmental pollution, a large number of cardiovascular problems have started to take a toll on the health of the people be it children or adults. Cardiovascular problems require early detection and treatment as any delay can prove to be fatal for the life of the patient and lead to serious problems including heart stroke and heart failure.

Recently a patient who was in dire need of heart replacement came to India from Nigeria with the hope of getting the best facilities. The hospitals in Nigeria lack the basic medical facilities needed for carrying out complicated heart procedures and open heart surgery is out of question. As a result of this many cardiovascular patients have to travel to different countries to get their checkup done. The lack of medical facilities as well as lack of knowledge about cardiovascular problem is one of the main cause of deaths in cardiovascular patients. When the patient went to BLK Hospital he wasn't even properly aware of his condition and the hospital gave him special counselling sessions to educate him about his problem. In the words of the patient " the experience at BLK has been life changing and It brought back my will to live and compelled me to fight the disease"

The patient's wife accompanied him and was very skeptical at first but gradually with the efforts of staff she put all her faith in them. As per the patient and his wife, the doctors conducted a series of tests to determine the adversity of the problem and the exact cause. It seemed that the patient has already suffered 2 minor heart attacks and was in an urgent need of surgery. The doctors gave him a date to get himself admitted in the hospital for the surgery. The heart of the patient was adversely damaged and any other treatment would be vague. The doctors prescribed him certain medication to be taken orally before the surgery to ensure there are no chances of infection during or after the surgery. Luckily a healthy heart was available at the right time and the procedure was carried out successfully. During the procedure the new, healthy heart, which had been stored below room temperature, for almost 2 hours was carefully placed in the position of the damaged heart.even after the surgery, the patient was carefully monitored and kept under observation to ensure that there are no complications. It is very necessary to monitor the patient for several weeks after the surgery to ensure that tha patients body and the donated heart have accepted each other. This is done through frequent tests and checkups. The surgery cost the patient about 7 lakhs and this was much cheaper than other foreign countries where the cost exceeds 12 lakhs.

The patient was five a diet chart to be followed after the procedure. His diet consists of healthy fruits and vegetables. He was asked to refrain from consuming unhealthy fats and leave smoking and drinking. The patient was also given physiotherapies to help him cope up with the surgery. The road to recovery was long but with the cooperation of the patient and the consistent efforts and care of the doctors, the surgery proved to be a huge success.

There are many other such stories of successful heart surgeries that are a clear sign of the efficiency and abilities of the doctors of BLK hospital. The hospital has provided treatment not only to people coming from different parts of India but different countries of the world.

The importance of a healthy working heart is known to all but people are usually unaware of the various different ways through which they can keep their heart healthy and what all practices should be avoided in order to protect our heart from various fatal problems. Heart diseases become frequent with growing age and it is hence very important to opt for regular heart check ups to ensure that your heart is healthy and sound. We at BLK hospital, are open to patients coming from any part of the world and guarante you the best treatment which will not only help to get rid of the disease but also ensures that the problem does not return in future.

Medical Tourism in India has gained a lot of momentum and popularity in recent past due to the very high quality of treatments that are at par with international standards. These are also comparatively cheaper than the the facilities and treatments provided abroad. BLK Hospital is one of the first hospitals that comes in mind when we talk out Medical Tourism in India. The hospital has been responsible for treating various patients coming from abroad. The hospital is known for its state of art infrastructure and new technological equipments that help to provide world class treatments. The cardiovascular department of the hospital has especially gained a lot of popularity among foreign patients. Recently a person coming from Nigeria got his heart surgery done in BLK hospital. The patient was extremely satisfied with the treatment and shared his experience with us. There are many other such cases and stories of successful surgeries that clearly indicate how medical facilities in India have evolved to an exceptional level of perfection.

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