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Pediatric Pulmonology

Any disease related to the lungs or respiratory parts of our body our treated at Pediatric Pulmonology Department. BLK Super Specialty Hospital is the only one of its kind in the private sector to offer treatment in this department. Our team is extremely skilled and experienced who provide the best possible treatments such as:

  • Flexible bronchoscopy services (done without general anaesthesia)-Beneficial for stridor/noisy breathing, persistent wheezing, recurrent and persistent pneumonia, tuberculosis, CF patients and interstitial lung diseases in children.
  • Pediatric lung function facilities- Children with exercise-induced problems are offered spirometry and exercise testing.
  • General pediatric pulmonology- Recurrent and persistent pneumonia, chronic cough, recurrent wheezing and asthma are some of the disorders treated.
  • Asthma clinic- Care provided to children with difficult-to-control asthma and wheezing. Lung function testing is also offered.
  • Tuberculosis clinic- Children with TB complications and drug-resistant TB are efficiently taken care of.
  • Cystic fibrosis- Sweat chloride test facility to be introduced very soon at the hospital.
  • Pediatric sleep disorder treatment- Sleep disorders are increasingly being found in healthy children and children with respiratory disorders. Sleep studies for diagnosis are performed in the hospital.





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