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Pediatric Nephrology

The pediatric Nephrology division at BLK Super Specialty Hospital is highly proficient in providing the best treatment and care related to the kidneys for children up to sixteen years. Any disease related to the kid-neys can also affect other parts of the body so our team works with other department such as Pediatric Surgery, urology, neonatal Intensive care, transplant surgery and child psychology and nutrition to provide a complete diagnosis and offer the best possible treatment.

We have a wide area of treatments that we offer for renal diseases.

Antenatal hydronephrosis and congenital renal anomalies- Our well-qualified team offers expert evalua-tion and management advice.

Nephrotic syndrome accompanied by recurrent body swelling and an increased risk of infections- Long-term medications may be advised to control the disease and minimise complications.

Recurrent urinary tract infections leading to renal damage- Our centre has the necessary expertise to identify and treat modifiable risk factors, as well as prevent recurrent infections.

Acute kidney injury with body swelling and decreased urine output in critically ill children- We provide round-the-clock services like haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and plasmapheresis for treatment.

Chronic kidney disease resulting from congenital and acquired renal diseases- These children are given specialised medical care and renal replacement therapy.

Renal stones associated with inherited and metabolic diseases, especially in younger children- We eva-luate and identify the aetiology and help to prevent recurrence of stones.





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