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Pediatric Dermatology

BLK Super Speciality Hospital’s pediatric dermatology program deals with diagnosis, treatment and man-agement of skin disorders in infants, children and adolescents. With the worsening environment, it doesn’t matter if it’s an adult or a child, it will affect you in many ways. Sometimes, genetic disorder, hormonal issues, low immunity or any other cause can cause the skin to get damaged. Our highly experienced doctors and their team pacify every need of the child and treat a number if problems like birthmarks, eczema, warts and psoriasis. They provide the best services in skin biopsies, surgical removal of skin lesions and laser treatment. The focus is not just only on the child’s physical health but also his/her mental health.

There are some unusual cases where a minor surgery is required to finish the problem from its root like, skin biopsies, skin grafting, Laser treatment for birthmarks and removal of cysts or warts.

BLK Super Specialty hospital is well known for its diagnosis and treatments in children. Some of the major treatments we carry out are Scarlet fever, Atopic Dermatitis, Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease and many more. Briefly explained below, we try to give you a gist of every problem.

Scarlet Fever

A fever accompanied by red rashes all over the body along with sore throat is known as scarlet fever and is very common among young children. This can be effectively treated with suggestive antibiotics.

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis or eczema can be really traumatic for children. There will be rashes on face and other parts of the body like elbow, around the knees. The red rashes can cause itchiness as well.

Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease

Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease is very common in childhood and usually spreads in summer season. The diseases may cause mouth sores which are very painful for a child. It is also a contagious disease and begins with a fever accompanied by coughing and sneezing.


Childhood is a very vulnerable time of one’s life. Children are prone to allergies which may develop acci-dentally. Appearance of small red itchy bumps or welts can be a sign of allergic reaction. These red bumps can be really painful for a child. The allergic reaction may occur from any nut, eggs, shellfish or any virus as well.

Contact Dermatitis

Any adverse reaction to any specific food, medicine, chemical or plant resulting in small red pimples or bumps on skin may sign towards contact dermatitis.

Prickly Heat

Heat rashes are very common in hot weather and can be healed at home. But in severe condition, doctor’s advice is recommended.


Warts look like moles on skins and can spread in any part of the body. It is caused by a viral infection.


Ringworm is a fungal infection and causes a circular bumpy red patch and is also a contagious disease.





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