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Ossiculoplasty The human ear consists of tiny bones which help in hearing a sound clearly, but sometimes due to infections like otitis or any injury these bones may get affected. A doctor may suggest for a surgical process called Ossiculoplasty, In order to repair or reconstruct these bones.

What can affect the ossicular chain of ear?

Some tests and X-ray are required for the surgery and thereafter, a doctor may opt for surgery. In Ossciculoplasty, the doctor repairs the affected bone in case of partial infection/injury. But, if the damage is high then the doctor will implant prosthesis. This is a minimally invasive surgery, hence the post-op risk is minimal or nil.

Any precautions to be taken after the surgery?

  • You need to protect your ear from water initially after the dressing is removed.
  • Use cotton buds while taking a bath.
  • You can return to work/normal activities after 5 days.
  • Your ear will be bandaged after the surgery.
  • Some amount of bloody discharge is normal and patient need not worry about it.
  • A regular dressing is advisable to avoid any infection.





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