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Microscopic / Endoscopic Disc Surgeries

Microscopic / Endoscopic Disc Surgeries We at BLK Super Speciality hospital perform pain free surgery which has a rapid recovery. The person can go back to their normal routine within a few days. With Microscopic/Endoscopic surgeries, the wounds are minimal as the surgery is done through a 2inch cut and the endoscopic material removes the affected tissue through it. The small incision reduces the risk of infection and makes the recovery fast.

How is the surgery conducted?

Before the surgery, the patient is sent to counseling to help him prepare for the surgery. It is con-ducted through an optical endoscope inserted through a small incision under local anaethesia. The patient will have consciousness throughout the surgery, which takes approx 30-45 minutes. The damaged area and the remnants are shrunk or removed through chymopapain.

Post-op care required

Spine surgery requires extensive care once the operation is successfully completed. Proper rest id the most important part of the recovery and a person must focus on giving his body enough time to rejuvenate. You will have to wear a specially fitted corset for a week or two to support your back. Also you will be put on physiotherapy as to relax the stiff muscles after the surgery. It will take at least six months before you could go back to the back and abdominal exercises.

Can I travel immediately after the surgery?

The doctors will discharge you once they are sure that your healing is successful but it is still adviced that you don’t indulge in any activities that strain your back even the tiniest. Small trips to office are fine but if you have the freedom, prefer to do your work from home.





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