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Laser Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal?

Everyone is born with some amount of body hair but it is during puberty that we see increased hair growth on our body. Body hair also emerges due to hormonal changes or during pregnancy in women. Many women and even men take care of their excess body hair growth with short term solutions like waxing and threading to get rid of unwanted hair. At BLK, we give them permanent and long term solution with Laser hair removal.

It is a very safe procedure and helps patient in getting rid of unwanted hair. The side-effects can only occur if you are not getting it done by an expert. At BLK, you do not have to worry about that; our team of experts only put on the laser beam on you after proper examination of your skin and other health issues to ward off any possibility of side-effects. The laser therapy aims at rooting out hair follicles from the skin through a laser beam in areas like face, underarms, legs, back or any other area on body.

The procedure

ABefore a person is recommended for a laser hair removal, our experts take into account all the details about the patient to ascertain his/her condition and likeability for the treatment. The experts will have consultation sessions wherein a patient is explained about laser treatment, its outcome and potential risks. The experts will also take in to account, health conditions, current medications or any medical history.

At BLK’s Aesthetic Surgery Centre, you will leave with a smile on your face and silky smooth skin. Our centre is equipped with all the latest technology including FDA approved Gentle YAG Laser treatment for quick and permanent hair removal.





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