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What is a facelift?

Progress in the medical field and especially in cosmetic areas has made it possible to reduce the process of ageing and make you look younger. Facelift process helps a person in getting rid of increasing wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and beneath the neck. The procedure is also rhytidectomy and helps in minimizing the effect of ageing, sun exposure and stress.

Before the Facelift surgery or Rhytidectomy

You cannot straight away come to a decision to get a facelift done. It is a highly crucial procedure as it affects your face. Not everyone can conduct this surgery right; you need expert hands for it. The plastic & cosmetic surgery team at BLK has an especially dedicated Aesthetic Surgery Centre where facelift surgeries like eyebrow lift and a wrinkle correction is conducted. The team of surgeon takes into account, the medical history of a patient and other factors like allergies, skin condition, drug usage, blood pressure and other health conditions.





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