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What is Abdominoplasty?

Even if onehas lost a lot of weight recently and is going through a really healthy phase, but that loosened skin on one’s tummy must be botheration. At BLK, we will help you in getting rid of that extra flab or loosened skin with Abdominoplastyor Tummy Tuck as it is commonly known. It is a surgical procedure where excess fat from the abdomen is removed giving you a fit and tighter mid riff.

Why should I go for Abdominoplasty?

Going for abdominoplasty is a matter of choice. It is done for aesthetic enhancement of your body and is opted in case of excess of loose skin in the abdominal area. The loose skin in the abdominal area is usually develops in women who has just given birth or people who have lost a lot of weight in short span of time. If that loosened skin is bothering you then you can always consult your cosmetologist for an abdominoplasty procedure.





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